Live in NYC
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Recorded live at Arlene's Grocery in NYC 4/9/2011.

  1. Right Here Right Now (NEW)
  2. What You Stole
  3. Let it Fall (NEW)
  4. Blind Mind
  5. Costa Mesa
  6. Brown Eyed Blues (Ben Harper Cover)
  7. The Line (NEW)
  8. Let it Ride
  9. Let Me Know
  10. Good to Go

Since I started making music, I've wanted to make a live album. It’s always been a goal of mine to capture how it sounds and feels when we perform as a band in front of people. I'm super proud of all the records we've made, but there is a big difference between wearing headphones and singing/playing into a computer and singing/playing for a room full of our friends, fans, and innocent bystanders. Bryan, Dave, Arch, and I have been playing shows in front of crowds large and small since 2004. (And Mark joined us about a year ago.) While this might not be our most perfect or rehearsed set, and I might not have gotten every lyric right, it is a pretty good snapshot of our band with an awesome audience in an awesome city. As you’ll hear, we did not slow down much in this set. We got on a bus to NYC at 9 a.m. and on the stage at midnight. There wasn't a lot of time for serenades.  Thanks for listening.  -Wes

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